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BMW Nitrous Oxide Engine Conversion

The post 1997 BMW e39 540’s and early BMW X5 e53’s came fitted with the M62B44TU V8 engines, (TU) meaning, ‘technical upgrade’. The biggest mistake that BMW V8 enthusiasts make and a problem that everyone, thinking of doing a conversion encounters is, how to fit a VANOS engine to a non VANOS motor vehicle.

This is an extremely time consuming and costly undertaking, something we don’t take on as there are too many pitfalls such as wiring harnesses which are completely different including all the other electrical and computer components one has to contend with.

We suggest that you either sell your 540i pre VANOS car and go and buy a 540 VANOS model and work on that or BMW POWER can plumb a reliable and instant booster to your engine such as a nitrous oxide kit or NOS. NOS will increase power by up to 30%, when and where you want it, which will blow away any later model 540i VANOS equipped vehicle.

A large bottle of NOS lasts quite a while and the VANOS and pre VANOS motors are perfect for this application. If you can find a decent 6 speed manual gearbox and set it up you will have a very special car. The 540’s did come with a 6 speed box but they are like hens teeth.

If you want to go the NOS route, then the engine will be a priority which has to be engineered and built to exact and defining tolerances. Ceramic or metal coated pistons are a necessity and the compression ratio must be reduced to around 8.0:1, together with a set of solid lifters and re profiled 2nd stage camshafts or Schrick Cams or similar if you can afford them, stiffer dual valve springs made by Iskenderian or Crane and the catalytic converters must be removed immediately and a free flow exhaust system fitted.

If a NOS kit is plumbed properly to a blueprinted engine and you use ‘the clean medical nitrous oxide’ that dentists use, you will run many miles without trouble. There may only be one obstacle and that’s money. A complete standard rebuild on a Non-VANOS engine is around R50,000-00 depending on your existing powerplant and the condition. This exercise cannot be done by cutting corners or you are wasting your time and throwing good money after bad money. A new M60 or M62 engine from BMW sell for about R180,000. If your car is in great condition an engine rebuild is worthwile.

The complete NOS kit and installation, cams, lifters, springs etc you can add another R35,000-00, a decent 6 speed gearbox, adaptor and bell housing conversion together with a new billet flywheel will set you back R25,000-00 (auto transmissions rob too much HP). Your sum total R115,000-00, but now you’ve got a machine that really comes alive at the flick of a switch.

For more information on NOS conversions contact Nick on 082-4400664 or VISIT www.bmwpower.co.za at your earliest convenience and get good sound advice on any related subject.


Dual-Mass Flywheel Versus Conventional Flywheel

The dual-mass flywheel or DMF is actually a great piece of engineering. The imagination used by it’s original designer has proven itself so worthy not only in the performance of the engine to gearbox transfers of torque but this stroke of ingenuity has more so been a success due to it’s reduction in the vibrations that a diesel or petroleum engine normally transmits to the gearbox of the motor vehicle.

This relatively new piece of equipment has been a ‘must have’ fixture to most modern day engines as standard equipment which also comes with a downside and that is unreliable and expensive.

Any engine that is properly balanced is prone to vibration in a number of ways. These vibrations are almost impossible to eradicate due to the repetitive and stringent combustion forces acting on the pistons, con-rods and crankshaft at regular intervals as per the firing order of a particular engine.

The most damaging of these vibrational modes experienced is torsional and the effect gets worse at the lower engine RPM range or at open throttle operation. Diesel engine vibrations are up to four times more severe under the rotational and pressurized conditions than that of most petrol engines.

There are many designs of the now common DMF which is assembled by adding two flywheels together instead of one flywheel. These discs are about the same diameter as a single flywheel would be but half the thickness, so each one will have less than half the mass of a single flywheel. The first flywheel is attached to the crankshaft and spigotted into the second flywheel in such a way, that the two discs are able to oscillate in respect with one another.

The rotational movement is controlled by ‘circumferential springs’ working against stop ends so that the first flywheel is able to harmonically vibrate with the rotations of the crankshaft while the springs ensure that the least of these primary vibrations get transferred to the second flywheel. Then an almost normal clutch unit, but without springs in the hub of the driven plate is bolted to the second flywheel and the gearbox input shaft is splined to the driven plate.

The result of this set up means that the usual torsional vibrations that a conventional clutch and flywheel gets is harnessed and dampened by the springs that are not transmitted through the gearbox, and to the remainder of the motor vehicles drivetrain, which ultimately results in a smoother running engine and clutch action.

Unfortunately, the DMF units on some vehicles are not as reliable as they should be as some of these units give in at mileages below the warranty of 100,000 km. DMF replacement is far more expensive than the old conventional single plane flywheel and clutch assemblies.

An alternative replacement is available whereby a newly weighted single plane flywheel is machined from either billet steel or extruded aircraft aluminium and fitted with a quality clutch kit, which is reliable and which works.

Contact LOOKING 4 SPARES on 0861-777722 for more info on FLYWHEELS and CLUTCH KITS  www.looking4spares.co.za/parts-request


Scrap Cars for Sale

"Scrap Cars for Sale" with LOOKING 4 SPARES is your one-call-centre where you can sell your unwanted scrap car that you have for sale or find motor spares. If your car, bakkie, truck or motorcycle has accident damage or has sustained an engine, gearbox or electrical problem and the vehicle repair costs are more than what you realised they would be and the vehicle is now classed as ‘uneconomical to repair’ then we can help you.

If you want to sell your car for scrap in a hurry, in order to get rid of that unwanted vehicle, which is standing idle, depreciating in value, making your driveway look scrappy 'day by day', then contact the LOOKING 4 SPARES ‘one-call-used-car-centre’ on 0861-777722 for a fast and efficient cash sale. We have over 200 motor scrap yards and used car dealers who will gladly make you an offer on any unwanted scrap cars for sale.

LOOKING 4 SPARES (L4S), was established to serve the average man on the street, including the motor industry as a whole, which is an invaluable service that not only locates ‘new and used spares’ for people looking for motor spares, but is also a leader in the buying and selling of ‘Scrap Cars Wanted for Cash’ and ‘Scrap Cars for Sale’ to the motor industry and private sectors.

We offer the above services to you, the valued client, in that we have made available these services to help you FIND | BUY | SELL | ADVERTISE your Scrap Cars for Sale absolutely for free.

If you fall into this category and have a motor vehicle that has been written off or that is far too expensive to have your car professionally mechanically repaired or straightened out by a competent panel beater and put back into it’s original condition, then contact the LOOKING 4 SPARES one-call-scrap-car-centre on 0861-777722. We will immediately send out your details including the vehicle status, together with 4x quality photographs that you supply us with that must include pictures of the front view, left and right sides and rear view pictures of your car. These pic’s can easily be taken with a cell phone camera and emailed or sms to www.looking4spares.co.za

Our car dealers are waiting to view your photographs together with a realistic price attached, in ‘real time’ on our LOOKING 4 SPARES ‘Scrap Cars for Sale’ website http://www.looking4spares.co.za/sell-my-car-for-scrap

Remember, whoever is interested in your scrap motor vehicle for sale will contact you back directly with an agreeable counter cash offer and will pay you in cash or other method of payment you insist on once they have physically viewed the vehicle on the spot, together with an immediate tow-away, towing recovery service. This saves you time and money and is a ‘hassle free service’ with no hidden costs whatsoever.

You negotiate with car dealers and vehicle dismantlers directly. There is no middleman or broker involved in any sale or purchase of cars wanted for stripping, resale purposes or as a rebuild purchase or sale.

LOOKING 4 SPARES - It’s a free 'Cars for Sale' service and always will be !

Click Here for all motor spares.


Ford Parts | Ford Motor Parts

Ford Parts call centre 0861-777722 or visit www.looking4spares.co.za All FORD motor car parts and accessories are readily available from scrap yards and car parts suppliers throughout South Africa. When the time arises and you require good 'new and used' spares LOOKING 4 SPARES is your best bet at acquiring good Ford Motor Parts and any other Ford accessories that you are struggling to find.

By visiting our home page you are now ready to complete the ‘Parts Request Form' with as much detail concerning your vehicle and the parts you require. The more accurate the information supplied to us, means the more accurately your request will be answered by a multitude of motor spares and used parts suppliers on our data base which includes dealerships that supply genuine Motorcraft Ford parts and accessories.

Details of your vehicle such as engine and VIN (vehicle identity numbers) can be obtained from your motor cars licence disc, found on your car’s windscreen or your registration papers. Engine numbers and gearbox codes are important when ordering such relative Ford Parts from the Ford dealership.

Your parts request will be sent out to all participating auto and commercial scrap yards and new motor spares suppliers in South Africa. Should you not receive the expected feedback concerning the part/s that you are looking for then let us know asap. Our call centre is waiting to take your call, or simply complete the 'Parts Request Form' again and notify us that this is a "2nd Request" that you are submitting for attention.

All second parts requests are sent out to the same motor vehicle scrapyards and Ford parts suppliers, as well as, another seperate data base of suppliers that are not on our nationwide list. You deal directly with the suppliers. Be sure to answer your phone, anticipate calls from parts suppliers who may have the spares you need. Used motor car, truck and motorcycle spares can sometimes prove to be elusive, so be diligent in your efforts to support the request for your Ford parts that you sent out via the LOOKING 4 SPARES parts locator system and relative services that we offer on our website and through our nationwide one-call-centre.

All Ford Motor Parts are readily available, the problem is finding them and that’s why we developed a system to help you find | buy | sell | advertise.

Make use of our free Classifieds Ad’s on our website classifieds where you can ‘place a free advert’ or simply ‘browse’ our smalls by clicking on the relative link “I want to…” buttons which are self explanatory http://www.looking4spares.co.za/looking4spares-classifieds OR http://www.looking4spares.co.za/looking4spares-classifieds/additem

Also, very important, make use of our ‘Safe Trade Account’ payment protection facility that offers a safe guard against internet fraudsters and especially when buying car parts from an 'out of town' or 'unknown' supplier. Please read our terms and conditions carefully. VISIT and click on the link http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account

To order FORD Parts please CLICK on the link http://www.looking4spares.co.za/parts-request

LOOKING 4 SPARES - It’s a free Ford Parts locator service and always will be !


Towing | Accident Damaged Cars | Sell Scrap Cars

We have restructured our towing and recovery operators in your area to accommodate you.

LOOKING 4 SPARES offer you our towing service call centre that out sources your calls to preferred towing suppliers for: Mutual & Fed, Zurich, Auto & Gen., Santam, Renasa, Out Surance, Glenrand, AA and Hollard Insurance Companies and other approved Call Centres in South Africa.

Directed Accident and Breakdown Tows are cost saving, help keep the industry safe and allow the client to feel secure at the breakdown or accident scene without having to contend with multiple tow truck drivers.

Always keep an emergency towing number in your car or saved on your cell phone for roadside emergencies. We urge you to consider making use of our service providers and use this offer to curb unnecessary costs, in turn you are supporting small business companies.

Roadside Assistance is a necessity in South Africa due to crime and the shortage of police patrols in certain areas. Should you break down in a vulnerable area or not you are still going to need a competent towing service to recover you and your vehicle quickly.

Please contact our call centre on 0861-777722 during office hours We will forward your details to one of our towing companies for a quotation and availability of a tow truck from a towing supplier in your area. They will contact you asap with a cost for towing, recovery and storage.

If you have been involved in an accident, please ensure that all the details on the towing slip are filled in and correctly before you sign the tow truck drivers invoice.

Should your car be irrepairable to repair LOOKING 4 SPARES will put you in touch with over 200 scrap yards and parts suppliers that will make you an offer on your 'scrap car for sale', 'wanted' by scrap yards for spares.

Click on the link below for an offer on your accident damaged motor vehicle that has engine, gearbox or other mechanical or structural damage that makes it a write off or scrap motor vehicle for stripping and recycling.

"I WANT TO SELL MY CAR FOR SCRAP" http://www.looking4spares.co.za/sell-my-car-for-scrap

Visit the Towing and Vehicle Recovery page on our website http://www.looking4spares.co.za/directory/towing-and-vehicle-recovery and find a towing and roadside assistance company 24/7.

Looking 4 Spares Automotive Directory Service offers a wide range of company listings to help you find quality service providers in South Africa near you. List your automotive business now CLICK HERE http://www.looking4spares.co.za/user-login

LOOKING 4 SPARES is a free service and always will be !


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