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Yamaha R1 1999 clutch slipping problems

Firstly, you need to download the free PDF Yamaha R1 ‘99’ workshop manual from the internet. Also i have noticed that on various blogs there seems to be confusion as to what the correct engine oil to be used is and as you will see, any good 20W50 multigrade motoroil is what Yamaha have specified. I’ve had a few Yamaha R1 '99' bikes and i am a professional engine builder specializing in BMW V8 engine reconditioning. I have also built a few of these engines, one of the most wicked carburreted motors around.

The problem I have on my present ‘99’ engine, is when I top up with oil, adding lets say 100ml or so or when doing a completely new oil and filter change, the clutch assy slips for at least 150-200 km's and then subsides, as they all seem to do.

I have now come to the conclusion that the ‘old engine oil’ that gets imbedded into the friction plates is slowly replaced with the new blend of oil i.e. 'The 100ml of top-up oil or by the completely new oil added when doing the oil and filter replacement. This alters the state of the oil viscosity and forms a kind of barrier.

I usually change the oil every 3 to 4000 Km’s, so I am very familiar with the symptoms on this particular bikes engine. The clutch plates only begin slipping from about 9000 RPM, or when I hammer the clutch to get the front wheel airborne, especially when it's very cold out in Johannesburg.

There is no substitute for a stiffer pressure plate that I know of. I was told that a Yamaha FJ 1200 pressure plate would do the trick so I ordered one. They both looked identical when inspected before fitting and it made no difference at all to the slippage. My first '99' R1 never had this problem and I made x2 new Yamaha OEM clutch changes on that bike, also just for interest sake, I usually clocked up about 10,000 Km's on a new clutch before changing again. The only assumption I can make is that the clutch baskets coil springs weaken? Presently I am building an engine which has only 8000 Km's on the clock, so we will see how that clutch assy performs.

Lastly, I heard that there is a clutch that is slightly thicker and apparantly what the guys do is fit two of these slightly thicker clutch and/or friction plates in the middle of the stack. The PDF workshop manual stipulates the min and max thickness of the entire clutch plate stack. To me this sounds like an option that should work. Surely someone has the answer to the problem, or is Yamaha selling us superseded kits that have actually been designed and tested for later model R1 engines?

Please let us know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Looking 4 Spares Safe Trade Security Tips

Safety and Security Tips

LOOKING 4 SPARES cautions all advertisers and readers to BE ALERT - BE SAFE - USE YOUR SAVVY - when ‘buying or selling’ goods over the internet !

Whether you are a buyer or a seller of motor spares, cars or motorcycles, while making transaction arrangements, be wary to ensure that you are not a victim of crime. If you feel you have been placed in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, rather safeguard yourself and avoid the sale or purchase than becoming a victim of fraud, theft, high-jacking or robbery. 


LOOKING 4 SPARES is in no way involved as the middle man or in any brokering deals or sales administration whatsoever. We are simply a service for connecting the buyer to the supplier via print, online or mobile. LOOKING 4 SPARES never takes any further transaction once the request or ad is placed and any parties stating that LOOKING 4 SPARES is involved should be reported immediately. There is no such thing such as a “Looking 4 Spares Verified Trader”. LOOKING 4 SPARES will not sell/supply/share any advertiser’s details (email or phone numbers) on to a 3rd party or marketing company or similar. Any 3rd party claiming to have obtained your details from LOOKING4 SPARES have done so without our authorization. Please feel free to comment on any of our posts and share these posts with your Facebook friends and Twitter.

SAFE TRADE ACCOUNT – Payment Protection Facility

If you are buying or selling motor spares at a distance or from an unfamiliar or unknown parts supplier then we strongly advise that you make use of the LOOKING 4 SPARES SAFE TRADE Account. Please contact our call centre on 0861-777722 or VISIT our Safe Trade 'Terms and Conditions' http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account Please read our 'Terms and Conditions' when making enquiries and trading through the website, by phone or via email.

Remember: If you have been a victim of a scam please report the scam to our Customer Care Department. This can be done telephonically on by contacting our call centre on 0861-777722 and ask for our supervisor or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or www.looking4spares.co.za or CONTACT US page http://www.looking4spares.co.za/contact-l4s

N.B DO NOT pay any parts supplier or spares dealer without contacting us first!             

Please read some of our related articles which are written in a way that the reader can easily understand, which is self explanatory, concerning the buying, selling and trading of all spares and accessories and motor vehicles. Always check with Looking 4 Spares when enquiring for goods over the internet and any LOOKING 4 SPARES related services before making a cash or internet transfer or similar payment.


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Motor Parts Daily Leads | Looking 4 Spares Motor Parts

Motor scrap yards and motor vehicle spares suppliers as well as scrap car dealers that have good value vehicle rebuilds and/or cars, bakkies, motorcycles and trucks being stripped for spares for sale that are not on our system, should be, in order to get to grips with the spares market of today !

Receiving our 'motor parts daily leads', which we send out in ‘real time’, will largely benefit your spares business as a whole. If you have diligent and professional sales staff attending to your business and the incoming parts leads that become live on our system, you will make profitable sales !

Incoming parts leads 'wanted' by potential clients looking for new, used or replacement spares go live as the call is taken and the request is entered into the system, these are motor parts wanted by buyers. Participating parts suppliers and motor scrapyards who have been allocated a unique ‘Log In Code’ and 'Password' can ‘log in’ to the live system 24/7 at any time, anywhere in the world and view the latest motor parts leads wanted in 'real time' on smart phones, tablets and PC. These parts leads wanted by private people, workshops and spares suppliers are sent out in batches of 50x leads per page. Anything from 350 to 600 quality leads per day can be expected, including motor vehicles for sale.

The Twelve Most Important Sales Tips

1.    ‘Sign Up 4 our 'Daily Parts Leads’ Get access to over 400 quality spares leads every day.

2.   You have nothing to lose but only something to gain. Adopt a positive mental attitude.

3.    See the parts leads as a 'new tool' to aquire 'new clients' that you never had before.

4.    If you have the spares wanted by a client contact him immediately, don't waste time.

5.    Be serious about the sales and any other business that may come from one simple call.

6.    Visualize the customer dealing with you, wanting to pay for your parts and services.

7.   Visualize the customer driving in his car to your business and asking for you.

8.    Visualize the customer walking through your door and meet him with a smile.

9.   Visualize the customer paying you for the spares and help him to his car.

10.   Know your products, be honest, be diligent - You will 'sign up new business'.

11.   Treat your company as a 'new start up business' and each day find something new.

12.   Use the L4S Safe Trade Account to close deals when trading at distance.

Share this age old sales technique with your sales staff and all staff members, teach them to use it and start accumulating good customers that are for keeps. Once customers have been to your shop chances are the will return. Hold onto them, keep in touch by sending mail shots of specials, new spares in stock etc.

The hardest part of sales is accepting 'NO' for an answer. Be polite and put them behind you, concentrate on the future, the next parts lead and always remain positive. Sales is a numbers game, it’s all about positive thinking and unleashing the power of the mind. Be honest and diligent with yourself and always treat the clients with the utmost respect, after all they are 'your business'. "It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages" Henry Ford.

No one said it would be easy! By harnessing these powers the customers and sales will begin to multiply! You need good sales staff that have a strong sales ability. They must picture, picture and picture again by visualizing the sale happening in the mind. By visualizing and practicing this powerful technique over and over will slowly change the way you and your staff think, work and behave towards people in general and better business practice will develop.(Napoleon Hill's - Think and Grow Rich).

PLEASE NOTE: Make use of the LOOKING 4 SPARES 'Safe Trade Account' when buying spares from out of town or from an unknown parts supplier. Part Suppliers and Scrap Yards - Use this account to your advantage when selling spares by giving your customers the upper hand. Offer them this alternative 'Safe Trade' method to pay which will help put their minds at ease to help close the deal. Direct them to our websites Safe Trade Acc 'Terms and Conditions'. The cost for using the Safe Trade Account can often be split between 'the buyer' and 'the supplier' of the goods.

Should you require any further information please contact our One-Call-Centre on 0861-777722 during office hours or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LOOKING 4 SPARES is a free parts locator service and always will be !

CLICK HERE for 'SAFE TRADE ACCOUNT' Terms and Conditions.

Superbike Parts | Sports Motorcycle Spares

If you are looking for new or used Superbike Parts or Sports Motorcycle Spares then look no further. LOOKING 4 SPARES is your one stop bikers motorbike parts locator service that links you to all bikes and bits scrap yards in South Africa. We have the largest selection of superbike and other motorcycle parts suppliers on one website www.looking4spares.co.za or you can contact our ‘1-Call-Centre’ on 0861-777722 for quick service and fast parts.

Whether you ride a Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki or any other make of bike you will be surprised at how efficient our service is that helps bikers find the parts that they are looking for easily with only one call or you can VISIT www.looking 4spares.co.za where you can complete an on-line parts request which is immediately sent out to all our parts suppliers and scrap yards nationwide. Whoever has the parts that you are looking for will contact you back with a quotation regarding the partys that you require. You deal directly with the suppliers. There is no middleman or broker regarding any sale or purchase.

Please make use of our safe trade account http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account when buying spares from an out of town supplier or unknown motor spares supplier. Read our terms and conditions to understand how the system works in favour of both parts supplier and parts buyer.

Looking 4 Spares is an independent company and cannot be held liable for any motorcycle or automotive parts bought or sold which are supplied or purchased incorrectly or not supplied at all due to reasons beyond our control.

Buying used auto or superbike spares requires the knowledge of a mechanically minded person and similarly, a well educated parts salesman to help the buyer and make the sale. It is however up to the purchaser of the goods to know what bike or car parts it is that he is buying before paying for any such parts. It is advisable that the buyer takes the sample part in question to the bike scrapyard or parts supplier and or a photograph or two of the spare part that you are looking for.

Should you require any advice when buying or selling motorcycle or auto spares do not hesitate to contact the Looking 4 Spares One-Call-Centre on 0861-777722 for expert advice.

LOOKING 4 SPARES It’s a free service and always will be !

CLICK HERE for all motorcycle parts


Road Accident Fund | Road Accident Injury Claim

A motorist and/or his passengers including any pedestrians who have been involved in a ‘motor vehicle accident’ (MVA), whereby the driver or the occupants of the vehicle and any third parties who have sustained injuries due to negligence or for any other valid reason, have the right to claim for compensation with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) of South Africa within 3 years of the accident by lodging a 'Road Accident Injury Claim'.

Most people don’t know this and do not know how to go about claiming for their injuries. You as a motorist have every right to claim for injuries when involved in a motor vehicle accident where severe whiplash, which is a common injury to the neck, commonly sustained by motorists who are lucky enough to walk away from the accident scene with neck pain and concussion.

This type of injury may not seem traumatic at the time due to the shock and impact of the incident on a person and the victim often shrugs off the pain and stiffness experienced by taking sedatives and/or muscle relaxants such as Myprodol or Cataflam for a few days thereafter. The question is, are they doing themselves more damage than good by not consulting with a doctor and having the area of pain checked out ?

Most 'injuries' often go untreated for a number of reasons and above all, the lack of medical aid cover is problematic in many instances, therefore ‘knowledge is key’ in this arena. Anyone who is involved in a MVA has the right to claim for severe whiplash or any other severe injuries sustained as a result and this includes passengers and third parties. Provisions are also made by the (RAF) for and whereby a family 'breadwinner' has passed away as a result of a MVA, enabling the next of kin to lodge such a claim.

The South African Government makes provision for legitimate road accident claims that are filed through a specialist law firm or attorney. For every litre of petrol sold at petrol stations, a certain percentage is allocated to the RAF for such claims. It is the right of every motorist to have access to the RAF organizations funding when a severe injury is sustained in order for them to get the professional medical treatment that they deserve in order to verify the extent and nature of any such injury.

The RAF is bound to legal and medical practices and therefore any valid claim a motorist, passenger or pedestrian may have would need to be filed appropriately. Claims usually take between twelve to eighteen months to be finalized and are subject to RAF practices and litigation.

Should you be a RAF candidate who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, that meets the above criteria and you have reported the accident to the South African Police and you have a case number there should be NO reason why you cannot claim for the injuries that you have sustained and get 'paid out' for pain and suffering and/or loss of mobility in any way whatsoever.

A Claim expires after 3 years if not lodged and 2 years if it was a hit and run case. If the claimant is a minor, under the age of 18, the claim will expire 3 years after his/her 18th birthday.

If another attorney was appointed and has lodged a claim we still have a good chance to do a claim for you.

Don’t waste any more time ! CLICK HERE road-accident-fund-injury-claim-form and complete the claim form and you will be contacted back within 48 hours by the most prominent Attorney's in RAF law who will immediately start your claim process and fight for your compensation.

N.B. No upfront payment is required. There are NO hidden costs whatsoever. Your claim will be filed immediately.


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