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Once you buy a new or used car there will be routine maintenance services that have to be adhered to in order to keep your vehicle running efficiently. If your newly acquired car or bakkie is an older model, one of the most important and problematic areas will be keeping the engine in good working order. The motor that your vehicle is fitted with will either be a diesel or petrol engine powerplant and nowadays it is more than likely fitted with a turbocharger for efficiency.

Turbo’s are the way most vehicle manufacturers are heading as they can develop more power out of a smaller engine and therefore emit less amounts of carbon into the atmosphere thereby reducing global warming. A common turbo spins at approximately 175000 RPM and requires replacement or reconditioning every 60000 – 70000 km’s to keep the engine reliable.

Engines require more maintenance than any other part of a motor vehicle and it is recommended that you service the engine at the stipulated intervals. Servicing the engine requires the knowledge of a competent mechanic and the quality parts to get the job done. There are many mechanical workshops that maintain high standards but finding the correct mechanic can be trying on ones nerves as you can fall into a bottomless pit, hence the old saying, “you get what you pay for”.

Ask your friends and family if you are unsure and go to a mechanic that has a good name in the industry such as a franchised network. If your vehicle requires various new parts that are expensive you can turn to the used motor spares suppliers and motor scrap yards who stock good used motor spares that have been stripped from accident damaged cars, bakkies, SUV’s and 4x4 vehicles for their immense value in reusable mechanical, electrical and auto body parts that com at a fraction of the cost of a new part.

Motor spares can be sourced from your local motor parts supplier such as Midas, Autozone or similar suppliers who carry a wide variety of spares for most motor vehicles. These part are called aftermarket parts as they are manufactured by form of imitations of the original dealership parts. Then there is the motor scrap yard that offers good used parts at a very reasonable price.

If you are looking for spares for a particular motor car, light delivery vehicle or motorcycle, then there is a safe passage to locate and purchase your parts from a scrap yard or spares supplier. Contact the ‘Looking 4 Spares’ one-call-centre on 0861-777722 or visit www.looking4spares.co.za for quick service and good new and used spares. It’s a free service and always will be !

Make use of the Looking 4 Spares Safe Trade Account a payment protection facility that protects both 'the buyer' and 'the supplier' when buying spares from an unknown parts supplier or at a distance.



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Trust in Your Instincts: “If it sounds too good to be true” it probably is and there’s something that's not right… By trusting your instincts and using common sense will save you from getting into a precarious situation and getting ripped off.

Don’t Give Out Personal Information: Never give out your personal information such as your credit card or ID number, your birthday and other private information.  

LOOKING 4 SPARES Safe Trade Account: Make use of our ‘Safe Trade Account’ payment protection facility, when buying or selling motor spares. Read up about the buying and selling tips and terms and conditions for using the safe trade service before trading with anyone who is selling spares from an unknown supplier or at a distance VISIT http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account The service can save you valuable time and money !

Inspect Parts Before You Pay: Once the parts reach you inspect them and any paperwork before signing for the goods with the courier that is present and always insist on an invoice or collection note or  tracking number.

Meet in Public: If you are buying from a stranger, always meet to exchange money and goods in a busy public place. If you feel uneasy about the person that you are meeting, meet outside a police station if you are carrying a substantial amount of cash and take a friend to accompany you.

Don’t hand over the spares: Make the buyer come to your vehicle or 'to you' to inspect the goods, and, don’t let him go to the car with items in hand if they haven’t paid you cash for them yet. Always dictate the terms and conditions.

Question the Sale or Purchase: Don’t be afraid to ask obvious questions. Ask the seller why they he is selling the item/s and about the condition and where the parts originate from. For the sellers of goods, don’t be afraid to ask buyers the same obvious questions related to the type of parts being bought or sold. If something sounds unrealistic it is more than likely unrealistic. If you are the buyer or the seller, you can always back out of a transaction before any money is exchanged and move on.

Know What You are Buying: Research the item you are planning on buying so that you understand and know exactly what you are actually getting when you pay. Make a drawing and take a picture saved on your smart phone for reference or even better take the sample with you. Research the parts on the internet. Google will supply you with all the relevant information at the click of a button. If you are buying or selling something, you can protect yourself by providing correct and detailed information about the part. Accurate information is the key to success here.  

Keep Transaction Records: If you buy and sell spares on a continuous basis, keep records of what you have bought and sold, where you have met, and who you bought or sold from including vehicle registration numbers, telephone and ID numbers any even take a picture of the buyer or seller or the vehicle they drive.

Be savvy and be smart when buying or selling goods from the unknown.

CLICK HERE for Safe Trade Account 'terms and conditions' when buying spares from an unknown supplier or at a distance.

LOOKING 4 SPARES is a FREE service and always will be !

Buying Used Motor Spares from an Auto or Commercial Scrapyard

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Are you looking for spares parts and accessories for your motor vehicle? LOOKING 4 SPARES has your parts and will direct you to exactly where they are, but first you must complete the parts request form on the home page with as much detail as possible. Engine and VIN numbers are important as are transmission codes if you are looking for an auto gearbox and any other electronic component you are trying to source. Your parts request is dealt with in a professional manner. If you don’t find what you are looking for or you don’t get enough feedback, try again by contacting Looking 4 Spares and we will send your request out again until you find bwhat you are looking for.

Contact LOOKING 4 SPARES your ‘One-Call-Centre’ for free advice and parts related services on 0861-777722 to log your car, truck or motorcycle parts request. All parts requests received are sent to over 200 scrap yards and parts suppliers nationwide, together with your name and number and email address if you prefer. Whoever has the parts available will contact you back with a quote. Deal directly with parts suppliers nationwide. No middleman or broker involved in any sale or purchase.

Making use of this FREE service has proven that with little effort comes much advantage over finding what you are looking for when it comes to that elusive part which can be very annoying when you can’t find it.

Buying or selling over the internet is risky but can be very rewarding… Be Savvy - Be Vigilant !

Understand and know what you are buying and if you don’t, get someone with a good mechanical understanding you who does! Always ask or send a photograph and serial or part numbers with your request. Don’t just rely on what people tell you. Get as much info and other data on the subject, which could save you much valuable time and effort in the long run.

Contact LOOKING 4 SPARES today… Ask us about our “Safe Trade Account” payment protection facility http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account when buying spares from an unknown supplier or when buying spares at a distance and you cannot view the parts.

LOOKING 4 SPARES is a free nationwide parts service and always will be !

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Classified Advertising on Looking 4 Spares

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Classified advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly common on the internet and other periodicals such as magazines which may be sold or distributed free of charge. When using the newspaper for advertising your “classified ad” is usually kept short due to the expense involved and as you are charged for each line and per column wide, as well as the printing and distribution costs.

Publications printing motoring news or other information often have sections of classified advertisements. There are also publications which contain only advertisements such as line ad’s and block ads which are bordered. The advertisements are grouped into categories or classes such as "for sale - motor spares", "wanted – used cars" and "services - automotive services", hence the term "classifieds".

Classified advertisements are a lot cheaper than large display ad’s used by corporate businesses and are mostly placed by private individuals with one or two items they wish to find, sell or buy through placing an ad in one of the above.

Online advertising has become the best way to find, buy or sell unwanted or wanted items that you are looking for or want to get rid of. The internet is a large place to search and if you know how to navigate it then this is the way to get your items found or sold. Whether you are a private individual or a business enterprise the internet is usually a free source of advertising which will always produce results with little effort.

If you are looking for new or used auto or commercial motor spares, new or used cars or an automotive service related to your enquiry then contact our online classifieds on LOOKING 4 SPARES Classifieds” whichisnot only a free auto and commercial classified but also offers the browser a free parts locator system and business directory service, all on one website! We also cater for business banner advertising.

Contact the LOOKING 4 SPARES Part Find ‘One-Call-Centre’ on 0861-777722 to log your car, truck or motorcycle parts request or ad at no charge whatsoever. All parts requests we receive are sent out to over 200 scrap yards and parts suppliers nationwide, together with your name and number. Whoever has the parts available will contact you back with a quotation. You deal directly with the parts supplier. There is no middleman or broker involved in any sale or purchase.

Advertising pays ! Making use of this FREE service which has proven that with little effort comes much advantage over making sales and finding what you are looking for. Buying or selling over the internet is risky but can be very rewarding… Be savvy, be vigilant !

Contact LOOKING 4 SPARES today for all your advertising requirements… Ask us about our “Safe Trade Account” Payment Protection Facility.

CLICK HERE http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account when buying spares from an unknown supplier or when buying spares at a distance.

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LOOKING 4 SPARES is a free parts locator service and classifieds and always will be !

Salvage Motorcycle Parts and Scrap Bikes

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Salvage Motorcycle Parts and scrap bike suppliers are generally referred to as motorbike scrap yards. South Africa has an array of bikers which have seen the numbers of biking enthusiasts climb over the years. No longer are bikers the rough and tumble type, but have become more of a refined gentlemans priveledge which allows the more fortunate riders to purchase such machines.

Bikers across the country come in all shapes and sizes and from different cultural back grounds which makes biking so uncut, “what you see is what you get”, and this combined together with the modern motorcycle makes the biking fraternity fun.

Motorcycles make the biker who he is by what he rides and with whom he rides. What he or she can afford is yet another topic altogether.  Bikes range from mini off-road bikes to superbikes and again to Harley-Davidsons and V8 Boss Hoss bikes and back to the real question, what can the rider or buyer afford.

Any motorcyclist will require bike spares at some time or other and when he does there are many options to choose from. There’s the salvage motorcycle parts yard that strip scrap bikes for valuable parts and then there’s the new dealers where you can buy the original motor bike spares and all the accessories to go with the bike.

Any buyer wanting to buy used motorcycle salvage parts will save money when buying a used motorcycle and bike salvage spares from a bikers scrap salvage yard where he can find many good spares at less than half the price of a new one. When an engine, engine part, diff, shaft drive, front or rear suspension, forks, rear shock, steering component or motorcycle body part or fairing is needed for your particular motorcycle, quad bike or scooter, then ‘Looking 4 Spares’ is your one-stop new and used motorcycle spare parts locator service for all Bikes n’ Bits in South Africa that links you to a world of quality motorcycle salvage suppliers countrywide.

There are always pit falls when buying used spares, but if you know and understand what you are looking for then you are in a good space, but if you don’t get a friend to help you buy the correct parts and assemble the bike properly.

When buying an engine or bike frame always ensure that all the paper work is in order to obtain a police clearance which is vitally important. The engine number that appears on the salvage suppliers invoice should correspond with the number on the engines cylinder block or motorcycle frame.

LOOKING 4 SPARES will buy any motor bike for cash in any condition at the best prices today. We also do the scrapping of all motorcycles, cars and bakkies to a code 03 and code 04 status. Call us for a quotation and immediate ‘cash on the spot’ and motorbike collection service anywhere in South Africa.

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