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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Insuring your car is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when owning a used or new automobile, motorcycle or truck. This is due to the wide range of factors one has to take into account when insuring ones motor vehicle. These factors are broken down into the following questions you are required to answer.

Your age, sex and the period of which you have had your national drivers licence, together with the driving history of the applicant are necessary as the insurance companies take all the aforementioned points into consideration to determine the risk factor and associated insurance premiums that will be levied when applying for cover.

 Various influencing factors are taken into account when insurance companies determine the premiums payable. The most important factors are the age of the insured and the type of insurance required. Under 25’s are considered high risk and business usage of the vehicle falls into the same category. It is important to take out the correct insurance and furnish correct and truthful questions asked, otherwise your claim could be repudiated.

Applying for continuous use for business purposes usually falls into the high risk category as the use of a vehicle for business is due to the fact, that business use is much more frequent and falls into the high risk category of cover.

Insuring a vehicle also requires the attention of whether or not you will need other accessories such as regular driver status and vehicle security such as an alarm system which is usually mandatory and vehicle tracking devices which will either increase or reduce your insurance premiums. This is optional and hinges on whether you park in vulnerable places and if your vehicle falls into the high risk of popular vehicle makes and types that thieves tend to steal.

Specified and special motor vehicles such as modified and classic cars as well as accessories that are not factory fitted such as mag wheels, bull bars, canopies and various other optional extras will have to be specified otherwise they will not be covered.

One should always familiarize the terms and conditions of your insurance policy so as to know the extent of your coverage. It is advisable to get in touch with a well known insurance broker who will not only save you money in the long run by handling any claim that may arise but who will also act much like a lawyer on your behalf.

Should you be involved in a motor vehicle accident, you are required and entitled to acquire the necessary details of the parties involved as well as details of the vehicle such as, and most importantly, the registration plate number, type of vehicle, colour of the vehicle and the licence disc details which are very important.

The incident must be reported to a nearby police station within 24 hours. Should a traffic officer be on the scene, it is his duty to take down statements and complete the accident report forms. The insurer or broker will often specify an approved towing company in the case of an accident or breakdown of which you must strictly adhere to.

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Motor Scrap Yards

The word “Scrap Yard” is often misinterpreted by our way of thinking, in that, a scrap yard is a dumping ground for unwanted objects that get trashed and eventually end up in a landfill somewhere.

Yes, this is the beginning of a complex process in the modern world, a process that extends out to many corners of our society whereby just about everything we use is recycled and reprocessed into new consumables.

The real meaning of a scrap yard is a junkyard where scrap items are separated into various categories such as the many different types of metals, plastic, rubber, glass, wood and other base materials which are then sent to various other recycling plants.

Today’s fast moving world is closely associated and reliant on the disposal of the waste products for recycling and detritus of our modern industrialized society. This is a misnomer and what appears unsightly to ones eye is sometimes an inaccurate portrayal of negative publicity in film scenes and television documentaries.

What one fails to realize is the importance and benefit these scrap yards and essentially motor scrap yards provide in terms of recycling perfectly good products as re-useable spare car, truck and motorcycle parts. Scrap yards do not profit from old and rusted car relics as these go straight to the metal smelters, but profit mainly from the later model accident damaged vehicles that have been written off by the insurance companies or private individual, due to the high cost of repairs. These used spares are sold at a good fraction of the price of new car, truck or motorcycle spares sold through various spares outlets and dealerships.

The purchase of good used auto spares from scrapyards is of immense value to all vehicle owners, as it contributes not only to the green recycling movement the world is currently undergoing but also has a huge impact in reducing global warming.

It must be taken into consideration, that when sourcing and eventual purchase of used spares from various scrapyards in South Africa or globally, make sure that the used spare parts dealer or scrap yard supplier, supplies you with the correct parts. Try and opt for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spares if possible, as these are preferable to buying new pirate spare parts that have suspect longevity and could even lead to the failure or breakage of other parts of your vehicle that could leave you stranded on the side of the road.

The most efficient method of obtaining a quotation or buying new spares or used spares from a scrapyard, is by utilizing ‘Looking 4 Spares’ free ‘parts locator service’ which connects you to over 200 scrapyards and spares suppliers with only one-call to  0861-777722 or fill in the online parts request form at www.looking4spares.co.za and your request will be sent out to all participating suppliers nationwide, with your name and your number. There is no-middle-man involved in any sale or purchase.

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The scrapyard and scrap motor vehicle parts

The word scrapyard in essence means “the place where unusable metal, plastic and glass contraptions are dumped” specifically for recycling purposes. Scrapyard is a word derived from the word ‘scrap’, meaning that an object is of no longer use or uneconomical to repair and is sold or donated to the yard owner who then would strip down the automobile or similar scrap item and sell the parts at a profit or sell the steel, alloy and other metal remains to the smelters who refine these different metals.

The refined metals and plastics etc are used to reproduce forged, cast and extruded  products for resale as various sheet metals, metal tubes, pipes, solid bars and various forms of wire and other metal products which we are mainly going to concentrateon,  that are either drop forged, cast or machined from a solid billet such as steel and cast iron crankshafts, connecting rods, engine blocks and other car, truck, motorcycle, aircraft and any parts imaginable that are manufactured from recycled metals, plastic and glass etc.

There are thousands of scrapyard dealers in South Africa today which are commonly and mostly in the business of buying motor vehicles, aircraft and any unwanted scrap commodity of value that can be stripped down to the bare essentials and turned into cash.

The ‘scrapyard’ is a place where you would go if you wanted to find a certain car part for instance if you could warrant the exchange for a good used spare part for your motor car, aircraft or motorcycle. Whatever it is that you need the scrapyard is sure to add enough value to your time spent on finding the right part at the right price and then going to get it.

A purchase of a used motor vehicle part needs to be well checked out. The supplier should be that of a good standard and well known in the industry and whoever is making the purchase should know what he or she is buying as there are many down falls if you don’t know what you are buying. Always get a second quotation and ask someone with mechanical knowledge to accompany you with your sample of the used spares that you are looking for.

There is also a company such as Looking 4 Spares which can assist you in the buying and the selling of motor spares which offers the general public and motor trade the opportunity of safeguarding themselves when making a purchase or sale.

CLICK HERE http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account-3 which will take you straight to the Looking 4 Spares SAFE TRADE ACCOUNT and supply you with valuable information and help you understand how to make use of this fantastic service. You can also contact the Looking 4 Spares 1-Call-Centre on 0861-777722 for instant access and good advice through our telephone service.

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Car Parts | Motorcycle Parts | Truck Parts

If you are looking for spares, motor parts or relative car, motorcycle or truck parts and accessories you can find all your spares by logging onto the internet which has many facets of useful places to find motor spares and accessories for your motor vehicle. Whether you drive a motor car, motorcycle or a light commercial vehicle or truck you will require spares for your vehicle at some time or other.

People who own or that are responsible for such vehicles have the options of purchasing new, used or aftermarket spares for their application. When in doubt on where to purchase motor parts, simply type your relative keywords into Google search bar and literally thousands of search results will come up in the blink of an eye. There are many websites in South Africa that can assist you in finding those elusive spares that you are looking for.

One such website is Looking 4 Spares which is specifically designed to accommodate individuals that are seeking to find a portal that will assist in all aspects of motor vehicle part finding and part locating for the motor trade throughout South Africa. Looking 4 Spares has multiple search functions that are easy to navigate which are designed to help even the slowest of beginners that are surfing internet sites for the very first time.

The Looking 4 Spares website has bold buttons which are relative to your search, such as the “I want to… " buttons, which help surfers easily identify what they want and with one click of a button can be transferred to a world of classifieds spares and other help functions such as the Looking 4 Spares Parts Request Form if simply competed, will be sent out with your name and your number to over 200 scrapyards, parts suppliers and reconditioning centres in South Africa.

Whichever supplier has the parts that you are looking for will contact you back directly with a quotation. You deal directly with the suppliers that contact you with information on the spares you request. Always check with the Looking 4 Spares help line and make sure that the suppliers are legitimate as fraudsters are rife on the internet, but if handled carefully through the correct channels, there is no need for concern.

Make use of our Safe Trade Account payment protection facility  http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account-3 when trading with an unknown supplier for the first time or a supplier that is at a distance whereby the parts cannot be viewed in real time. Remember to send a picture of the parts that you are purchasing to ensure that the parts you are contemplating buying are the same as the description!

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Used Engine and Gearbox Scrap Yards | Motor Parts

One-Call-Centre 0861-777722 with over 200 scrap yards and parts suppliers nationwide !

Looking for used engine and gearbox scrap yards and motor spares parts? Then contact your “1-Stop-One-Call-Centre” Dial 0861-777722 LOOKING 4 SPARES has a wide range of quality motor vehicle spare parts and accessory scrap yards and parts suppliers in South Africa.

If you are looking for spares for a particular make of motor vehicle then you need to contact the Looking 4 Spares One-Call-Centre for spares at the best prices today. Looking 4 Spares is your best bet at finding those elusive car, light delivery van, 4x4 and a wide range of motorbike parts and vehicle accessories at countrywide outlets.

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Looking 4 Spares has over 200 vehicle scrap yards and parts suppliers throughout the country. We can help you ... find | buy | sell ... any motor vehicle spare parts at the click of a button by visiting the home page at www.looking4spares.co.za Complete the parts request form and your parts request for spares will be sent out to all participating parts suppliers, reconditioning centres and scrap yard dealers that receive our daily parts leads.

Whoever has the parts that you are looking for will contact you back with a quotation and availability on the parts you require. You deal directly with the scrap yard, supplier or reconditioning centre who have the stock or service you need. If you are doubtful about a certain supplier that has contacted you back with the parts, contact the Looking 4 Spares Call Centre immediately and query the supplier who has contacted you back.

Alternatively, you can make use of the Looking 4 Spares Safe trade Account, which is essentially a payment protection facility designed to safeguard the buyer and the suppliers when buying or selling spares and accessories over the internet. Should a parts supplier contact you at long distance or the parts supplier is unknown to anybody in the industry we suggest that you make use of the Looking 4 Spares Safe Trade Account VISIT http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account-3 for our terms and conditions of trade.

Motor car partsare abundantly available if you know where to find them. Looking 4 Spares has developed a system to make your life easy. Contact us today on 0861-777722 for fast and friendly service. Place a FREE ad on the Looking 4 Spares classifieds when you are buying, selling or just browsing for spares and accessories, For Sale or Wanted.

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