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Used Vehicle Parts

Most people buy new vehicle parts at the franchised agents because of a lack of knowledge.  Certainly, these vehicle parts are always new, genuine and carry a guarantee, but they are often extremely expensive and it is not always immediately obvious why. Frequently, one can get the same brand names at other used vehicle parts outlets at a substantial saving.  However, what do you do if you need a very specific auto part for your car, truck or bakkie that is proving difficult to find at a used vehicle parts scrapyard and you have to buy from the agents?  You contact Looking4Spares before proceeding to "find-a-part" you require.

There are many cars out there like yours, and many people crash their cars and they end up at the scrapyards. These cars are stripped for used vehicle spares that are sold off separately as used vehicle spares, at a much better cost than the new auto spares. The odds are very good that the used vehicle part you are looking for is sitting in wait somewhere at an auto scrapyard or used parts suppliers scrap yards yard.  The problem is making a connection between you and the used vehicle parts.  You can only physically search in the vicinity where you live for the "used vehicle parts" and it is not worth driving after a used vehicle part in a remote location if you are looking to save money, hoping the used vehicle parts are good and the correct ones.

Looking4Spares has a parts supplier network of over 300 Scrapyard and part suppliers in South Africa alone.  If you are looking for a specific part, submit your query on our website and we will circulate it through our network link.  Now you have hundreds of suppliers looking for your used vehicle parts and the odds are excellent that we will find them online.  You pay online for the used vehicle partsv and your payment is only released once you have received your auto parts and are happy with them, so there is no risk either.

Contact Looking4Spares so that we can linkyour request to all leading scrapyards and used vehicle parts dealers for your used vehicle parts today. Looking4spares has a call centre help line : 0861777722 for "find a part" assistance when you are looking4spares.

Car Parts

Has your motor cars motor plan run out, and have you been stung by the high prices the dealership agents charge for original new car parts?  Have you ever wondered whether there is a more cost-effective way of maintaining your older model vehicle when it comes to car parts?  We are all wary of pirate parts, but what if you could find genuine used car parts in serviceable condition at a fraction of the cost of new car parts?  You can find a car part,  through the Looking4Spares online link to all leading auto scrapyards.

South Africans make more than 800 000 motor vehicle accidents a year.  Many of the cars, bakkies and trucks involved in these accidents are written off and cannot be repaired.  These cars end up in scrapyards and are stripped for spares.  A large percentage of used auto car parts can often be salvaged by the scrapyard from such wrecks and re-used by you for your car parts.  In fact, on some cars that were very new when they were written off, the parts are still in perfect condition and will remain serviceable for many more kilometers and even years.  Such parts could include radiators, air conditioner compressors, water pumps, gearboxes cylinder heads and engines.  There are also many other car parts and trim items that are still undamaged.

You might be able to obtain some of these "car parts" for your own vehicle, but you would need the time and knowledge to know where to go look for them.  Alternatively, you can contact Looking4Spares, and we can circulate your find a parts request among our scrapyard and supplier network of over 300 scrapyard suppliers to find the part for you.  With A Part Find You can pay online and your payment is only released to the Scrap yard or supplier once you have received your parts and are happy with them.  The used auto parts also carry a 30-day money back guarantee from good Scrapyards.

Looking4Spares’ vast supplier network  of scrapyards and parts suppliers means that you may be able to get the car parts you need within the same day.  Contact us to see how easy it is at our call centre help link on : 0861777722 for all car parts.

Auto Parts

The purchasing of auto parts is a part of our lives.  With public transport insufficient and often unsafe in South Africa, most people have to own a vehicle that they must maintain.  For people in the lower income groups who are dependent on older used models in order to have the luxury of owning a car, auto parts prices may become a big financial burden.  Looking4Spares offers a safe and affordable way to source auto parts.

Many failed or warn car parts may be safely replaced with sound used parts.  Used parts stripped from wrecks in scrapyards that have been written off may be obtained at a fraction of the cost of new parts.  However, it is not always easy to find these parts, especially if you are not mechanically minded.  If you do not have the time or knowledge, where do you start looking for used parts?  Surely it is much easier to buy new parts from the franchised agents?  This may be the case, but it may also be prohibitively expensive.

Looking4Spares has more than 300 suppliers countrywide that can source the parts you are looking for.  Request the parts you need on our website by completing the web form or contact us by telephone and we will circulate your request among our suppliers and they will all start looking for your parts and contact you directly.  We can courier the parts to you at very reasonable cost and only once you have received them and are entirely happy will your payment be released to the supplier.

As you can see, it is truly easy and safe to order auto parts online from Looking4Spares, so contact us today and stop worrying where you will find that elusive part for your car, motorcycle or truck.

Looking4spares: Order Spares Online

Some people may be hesitant to order spares online.  There is always the possibility that you receive the wrong or sub-standard automotive spares once you have already paid for them and then it may be difficult or even impossible to get the correct spares or your money back.  Looking4Spares takes the headache out of the process and makes it easy and safe to order spares online.

Especially when you order spares online from a remote location that is not near your hometown, you need some assurances that you are dealing with an honest establishment.  Therefore we have created a Payment Protection Facility, whereby you can set up a Safe Trade Account.  According to this arrangement, your spare parts are couriered to you and only once you have received your spares and deemed both the parts and paperwork acceptable and in order, will your payment be released to the parts supplier.

This system gives our customers peace of mind and the confidence to make use of our Safe Trade Account Payment Protection Facility.  Your risks are eliminated and most of the automotive parts supplied by our suppliers carry a 30-day money back guarantee.  Our system ensures your safety and makes it easy to take advantage of our 300-strong supplier network, even if your supplier is from out of town.  In addition, we have negotiated preferential rates with our couriers, so that you may benefit from a cost saving on that front as well.

Contact Looking4Spares today to find out more about our scrapyard and motor spares suppliers.  Never before has it been so easy to safely and securely order spares online for your car, bakkie, 4x4 offroad vehicle, motorcycle or truck online and securely pay for them.

Used Auto Spares and Parts

Once a car’s maintenance plan has expired, and the owner intends to keep it for another couple of years, he or she becomes responsible for footing all maintenance bills.  Car parts may in some cases be very expensive, so used auto spares and parts have to be considered to keep costs at bay.  But where do you find used auto spares and parts?  What do you do if you have no idea where to start searching?  You contact Looking4Spares.

Looking4spares are the foremost and most used, new and used auto spares supplier in South Africa.  We act as a portal for over 300 scrapyard and parts suppliers countrywide and our mission is to bring the new and used auto parts to the people who are searching for them.  Some people may have the knowledge, time and patience to trawl from scrapyard to scrap yard everywhere until they have found the used auto spares and parts they are looking for, but this can be a very time-consuming job and you might still not find the parts/spares you are looking for. 

What you need is an immediate link that will access you to a large network of suppliers across South Africa.  Once you have submitted your parts request form on our website, we start circulating it among our used auto spares and parts suppliers and they contact you directly. Some people are helped within the hour; most are helped within a day.  We extend your reach into the "used auto spares and parts" world, further than you can immagine. Something you would never have been able to do by searching for the parts yourself.  The resources of a countrywide network are at your fingertips.

If you have a car, truck or motorcycle that needs  some parts, contact us at the Part Find, find-a-part call centre help line on 0861777722 so that we can start looking for the used auto parts and spares you need.  You may obtain them at a fraction of the cost of new parts.  If you cannot find it in the Looking4Spares network, they most probably do not exist.


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