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Order Parts Online

You may be a little tentative to order parts online, after all, how do you know that the parts you eventually receive from the scrapyard or parts dealer are going to be up to scratch? If you’ve already paid for them and they’re no good, how on earth would you get your money back? Looking4spares has the solution, and we think you’re going to like. We are strictly the in-between people. We have created a payment protection resource whereby it’s possible for you to set up a safe trading account. When you order parts online using this internet process, only once you have received the new or used parts by courier and found them acceptable do we release payment to the supplier of the parts you ordered online.

This resource eliminates all of the risks so often seen when you order parts online. Here’s how it all works. When you’re looking for a particular spare part for a specific vehicle whether it is a used auto part or new auto part, fill in the parts request form on the home page on this website and submit it to us. We then distribute the query to a network of more than 300 scrapyards and spare part dealers, and any that are able to come up with the new part or used auto part will contact you, sometimes within a couple of hours. They courier the part to you, and you pay us, but we hold the money until such time as you are satisfied with the part you have received, at which time we will then release the funds to the supplier. When you order parts online through Looking4spares, your money is safe and we have another satisfied customer. For further information about Looking4spares call us at the call centre on 0861 77 77 22 or simply order parts online.

Order Auto Spares Online

Thank goodness for computers and the internet so we can order auto spares online! There was a time, not so very long ago, when it took hours to locate that hard to pin down spare part for your old BMW. Now it’s a whole lot easier, and you can order auto spares online without even having to leave the comfort of your office. South Africa is one of those third world countries where there are far more cars on the road that are more than fifteen years old than there are cars less than that age. As a direct consequence of this there is a huge demand for spare parts, and in earlier days when you needed a particular part, it meant visiting all of the local scrap yards – forget about those in nearby towns, let alone far distant ones. Now, thanks to the Internet, you can order auto spares online, and you do so through Looking4spares. Find-a-part will find your used auto part if you order auto spares oline at a fraction of a cost of a telephone call.

Paert Find - looking4spares are the foremost used spares supplier in South Africa, and through us you are able to order auto spares online. Looking4spares has developed a network of more than 300 scarpyards and used auto spares suppliers throughout the country and we are now able to bring them all together for you, the end user. Because you are now able to order auto spares online through the find-a-part internet system, there’s none of that dreadful trudging from one scrapyard dealer to another scrapyard looking for that obscure used spare part. How do you do it? Just fill in the parts request form on this website and submit it to us. As soon as we receive your parts query we will distribute it throughout the network, and link you to all leading scrapyard dealers and other parts dealer in South Africa and before you know it you’ll be contacted by spare parts suppliers who have the automotive part you’ve been looking for. For further information about looking4spares call us at the Call Centre on 0861 77 77 22 or simply order auto spares online

Order Auto Parts Online

What? Order auto parts online? Isn’t that a little dodgy? How do you protect your money when you haven’t even set eyes on the parts? Looking4spares has come up with an, order auto parts online solution, and we think you’re going to take to it. It all comes down to the Internet. South Africa has a very large percentage of older used cars on her roads, but the country also has a very bad record for car smashes and subsequent write-offs. As a direct result of this Part Find has assembled more than 300 scrap yards dealers of new parts and used auto parts links throughout the country. Now for an individual to try to locate a particular auto spare part you can imagine what a difficult job that was in the past. Today, however, thanks to Looking4spares and the Internet you can easily order auto parts online and be linked to scrapyard upon scrapyard, countywide the same day.

How do I order auto parts online? You ask. It’s easy – fill in the Parts Rquest Form on the home page webpage and submit it to us. Please give as much information as you can so that we are sure that we have the right part. When we receive your request through your online parts request order, we will forward your details to the appropriate scrapyard or auto parts dealer – like we said above, there are more than 300 scrapyards and auto parts dealers on our internet system across the country. When a scrap yards dealer has the specific part he will telephone you and you will agree on a price. This amount is wirted to us and we hold it in our safe trade account, until you have the part in your hands and are satisfied that it is the correct used auto part. Only then do we release the money to the scrap yard or parts dealer link. Could there possibly be an easier way to order auto parts online? . For further information about Looking4spares call us at our call centre on : 0861 77 77 22

Auto spares

You may not be too worried about the exorbitant price of auto spares, especially if you have a fairly new vehicle that is still being covered by its initial maintenance plan that covers all auto spares. However, it is of interest to know that auto spares are extremely expensive. Because of the demographics of South Africa, there are an extremely large number of used cars on our roads, and this is a fact that is not going to change for many years to come. Even auto spares for some vehicles that are twenty or more years old can be extremely expensive, and there is one German manufacturer that comes to mind. However, cars do break down and parts need to be replaced with new or used "auto spares".

Fortunately there is a large industry in generic auto spares rampant in the country, some of which "auto spares" parts are distinctly ‘grey’ or pirate. There is also a large industry in second hand spares market that originate in breakers auto scrap yards up and down the length and breadth of South Africa, and though this type of replacement part may be frowned upon and even illegal in some other countries, in many third world societies this auto spares industry has become an important part of the economy. Looking4Spares was formed in order to make it easier for you, the customer, to find auto spares for your vehicle that you would otherwise have to schlep for hours from one scrapyard to another scrapyard or auto spares dealer to find the used auto part or new auto part you are looking for.

It works like this. You submit a parts request about particular auto spares on the 'parts request form' on our home page on the website. We send your auto spares request to all leading scrapyard and auto spares suppliers, and you can expect to start getting phone calls about the part within an hour or two from auto spares suppliers. For further information call us at our Call Centre on call centre help line assist : 0861 77 77 22 or complete the auto spares 'parts request form' on the home page of the Looking 4 Spares website.

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Looking4spares: Used Car Parts

Some people balk at the idea of buying used car parts, but the used car parts industry has experienced resurgence of late, what with the exorbitant prices of new car parts.  Looking4Spares is your used part expert, so let us start looking for the parts you need today.

It may still be worth having your car fitted with genuine new parts bought from the agents as long as your insurance company or motor plan is paying.  However, owners of older vehicles still have to pay the same very high new prices for parts that owners of new cars do, and that kind of financial outlay simply might not be justifiable in view of the drastically reduced market value of an older car.

Certain factors also serve to inflate the prices of new spares. Common accident used car parts like fenders, bumpers, lights and bonnets are not always that expensive when bought new, because a lot of stock is kept on the shelves and the parts move out of warehouses at a predictable rate.  However, mechanical used car parts such as engines, gearboxes or electronic control units may cost a lot of money. Your problem is compounded if you drive a quirky, low-volume imported car and these cars’ parts prices may be truly shocking. Used car parts are your answer.

Sound used car parts are often the only solution, and Looking4Spares can find them on your behalf.  We have a vast supplier network of scrapyards and spares dealers countrywide, who are alerted of your need and they all start looking for the used car parts you require.  You might even find the part you are looking for the very same day.  You order and pay online, and the payment is only released when the parts are in your hands.  We  offer a 30-day money back guarantee on used car parts.

Contact Looking4Spares today, because we are your best, no-risk used car parts link.

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