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Looking4Spares.Co.Za is South Africa’s leading "Part Find Locator Service" to the motor scrapyards and parts suppliers industry with over 200 new and used parts suppliers registered on our system nationwide.

We link 'the buyers' to 'the suppliers'. Our Parts Leads System generates an estimated fifty million rands in new and used motor parts sales each month for the benefit of our participating scrap yards and motor spares suppliers who subscribe to our daily parts leads. Parts leads are sent out in real time throughout the day from Monday to Friday, which are accessed strictly by our online subscribers who log-in to our system.

We offer our 'Parts Locator Service' to anybody who is looking for new and used motor spares and motor scrap yard suppliers that stock good quality motor parts and accessories for all types of motor vehicles including cars, motorcycles and trucks.

We Buy Scrap Cars... We Sell Scrap Cars... We Strip Scrap Cars... We Supply Scrap Car Parts and Good Used Motor Spares... We generate the parts leads which customers are looking for and link them directly to all our suppliers who stock quality engines, gearboxes, auto body parts, steering and suspension parts, motorcycle forks, tanks, clocks and auto electrical parts and more.

The stock held by our scrapyards dominate the market place with a wealth of good reusable motor spares available to the end user. It is these recycled parts which are so important to ua all, an extremely vital process which contributes positively to our planets eco-system. Motor scrap yards strip and recycle good used motor parts for the consumer, the scrap iron is recycled into new steel which positively reduces greenhouse gasses thereby reducing Global Warming effects.

LOOKING 4 SPARES endeavours to provide a trustworthy and loyal used spares suppliers and motor scrapyard dealers who subscribe to our daily parts leads, that help form part of an integral system who are key to maintaining and upholding honest and fair business practices when dealing with customers through sales and purchases over the internet, telephone or in person.

Our registered motor scrap yards and parts suppliers are distributed throughout South Africa and offer various spare parts which are stripped off accident damaged motor vehicles. These parts are usually for sale at half the price of a new OEM part (original equipment manufacturers)part from the dealership. 

Unfortunately the internet is an unsafe place where internet crime is rife and criminals of all types operate their business. These fraudsters have found ways to easily acquire your details and get to understand what your requirements are and make you a target of internet crime.

LOOKING 4 SPARES are dedicated to exposing any bogus parts suppliers or any of our registered scrapyard dealers on our daily leads system who do not conform to our terms and conditions of fair and honest trade principals. We demand and maintain a high level of business ethics and honesty is paramount between 'the buyer' and 'the supplier' which forms part of a transparent parts networking system.

The greatest problem we are all faced with is internet crime, also referred to as the ‘dark web’ which is a 24/7 non-stop underworld where crimes of all natures takes place behind closed doors and later revealed through the World Wide Web at the click of a button for anybody to see.

The motor spares industry and ease of the internet is no exception to criminal elements and fraudsters in particular are constantly setting traps to lure in victims in order to deprive them of their hard earned cash, a place that offers few safe havens, where everything has a price.

LOOKING 4 SPARES was established in 2006 to serve internet users that are looking for spares together with a Safe Trade System that we developed to try and improve security when we link 'the buyers' to 'the suppliers'. Unfortunately internet fraud experts and website hackers have always been and always will be a problem to the trade and the whole industry. In a world where motor vehicles and their relative parts are always going to be wanted which all boils down to the deal between 'the buyer' and 'the supplier'.

However, there are safe ways to trade over the net without getting caught. LOOKING 4 SPARES provides that service, but even here, internet criminals will still try and exploit every loop hole and from time to time manage to intercept the daily parts leads sent out to the registered parts suppliers and salvage yards on our system.

This type of fraudster usually targets someone looking for an expensive item such as an engine or gearbox valued at anything from ten to fifty thousand rand. He is a sadistic and cowardly induvidual who usually comes across quite normal who speaks well and is polite and professional, someone who patiently yet very tactfully convinces his victim who is oblivious to his evil snares to transfer funds over into his bank account, never to be seen again.

The saying, “the devil comes in the best disguise” has never been more true a statement and it is this type of fraudsters who hones his skills. BEWARE and DO NOT pay anyone over the internet before making absolutely sure that firstly, you know who you are dealing with and secondly, what condition exactly are the parts in which is not always apparent until further scrutiny can be done. If you can’t see or touch the goods and you are buying at a distance always do background checks on the seller. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is!

Your best bet is to make use of the LOOKING 4 SPARES ‘Safe Trade Account’. Our system offers anybody buying new or used motor spares from a parts supplier, improved security. Our Safe Trade Payment is a system that will ensure that you get your parts before payment is released from our Safe Trade Account.

N.B Once you have taken delivery of the part/s you must inspect the goods before signing off anything. Only once you have thoroughly checked and inspected that the goods are in accordance with your sale/purchase agreement or invoice description and you are completely satisfied with the goods should you sign off the delivery note. Your signature will make or break the conditions of sale. Once you have signed off the delivery note with the courier, we are compelled to release the money from our Safe Trade Account into the suppliers account.

There are many other preventative measures you can take if you choose not to use our Safe Trade Account that will serve you well when buying spares over the internet, especially from an unknown parts supplier. Don’t skimp here! If possible make use of Google by Googling the name of the supplier, Google the street address and Google his cell phone number and anything pertinent to you and him. 

N.B Ask the seller to SMS or Whatsap a picture of the part/s. If the seller is unknown and heils from a free classifieds website advert then ask the seller for a trade reference, a copy of his ID and proof of residence is always a good way to wear him down to see how he responds if he has nothing to hide.

If you are compelled to transfer large sums of money, again, do your background checks and prepare for the worst! Last but not least, DO NOT meet anybody in a secluded place or on the side of the road. Always take someone with, get them to assist you by taking pictures of the seller or purchaser including their vehicle and registration plate etc. Always choose a busy car park to meet at or even better, meet at the nearest Police Station, but most of all always do your background checks on people when buying or selling via an internet related deal.

LOOKING 4 SPARES will expose any fraudsters and/or dishonest parts suppliers affiliated to us who are found to be deceiving anybody, circulating our daily parts leads, making false promises, entrapment of any nature, theft or by failing to conform to honest and fair busines ethics and principals and our terms and conditions of safe trade.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Criminal behaviour wont be tolerated and perpertrators will be prosecuted if caught and must face the courts.

LOOKING 4 SPARES is a free service and always will be!

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