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DIESELFIX | Diesel Engine | Diesel Fuel Additive

DIESELFIX is a non-metallic, concentrated Diesel-fuel conditioner additive that cleans and maintains fuel systems, maximizes Diesel engine performance, which dramatically reduces fuel economy and injector fouling as well as costly engine repairs.
The content of H20 has always been an integral part of Diesel fuel until Dieselfix was produced. Water is invisible and hangs in Diesel fuel in exactly the same way as humidity hangs in the air. Free water can be clearly visible, lying below the Diesel fuel and can be detected just as clearly with water finding paste on the end of a dipstick.
The petro chemical and oil industries have never found a solution for water contamination in Diesel fuels and have been forced to pass it on to the consumer. Most diesel consumers are totally unaware that water presence even exists in regular Diesel fuel pumped at fuel stops.
The detrimental effects that water content has on a Diesel engine and relative equipment has always been accepted as part of "normal wear and tear", but this is far from the truth. When water free Diesel became available through the advent of the revolutionary product Dieselfix, only then was it made possible to evaluate and quantify the difference between treated and non-treated Diesel fuels, the test results were alarming. 
Dieselfix is formulated from a totally unique combination of non petroleum chemicals. When applied to fuel tanks at a ratio of 1-in-2000 parts for the initial dose and 1-in-4000 parts for every consecutive delivery the results clearly indicated that the fuel quality is dramatically improved and maintained advertently better than the quality of Diesel as initially delivered before the treatment of Dieselfix, which resulted in ‘zero’ deterioration, which is proven by fuel analysis. 
This is the first time that any means of pro-actively managed Diesel quality in storage has ever been available to Diesel consumers as a DIY fuel treatment. 
How Does DIESELFIX Work?
Dieselfix chemically converts water molecules into a combustible lubricant, bearing non-corrosive qualities due to the lack of H2O, chemically inert with oxides of sulphur and nitrogen which is crucially, Diesel soluble. 
This chemical change does not convert water into fuel but does however combine, producing a liquid that bears no similarity to water and is infinitely more compatible with Diesel fuels used with a wide range of Diesel powered engines. In this state, all of the undesirable characteristics of Diesel fuel namely; Ageing, corrosion, gumming and acid formation are almost and if not, completely eliminated.
The economic impact on any Diesel powered engines lifespan is undoubtedly increased compared the mere costs of using Dieselfix.
Fuel Quality Management with DIESELFIX
Diesel consumers now have an effective means of managing the quality of their Diesel fuel. With the use of Dieselfix every new delivery of fuel will prevent the deterioration of the fuel in the fuel tank, eliminating the accumulation of water contamination, rust and microbial muck. Dieselfix is the first and only product available that ensures that the Diesel quality is maintained and prevents catastrophic damage to your engine, which is upheld. 
DIESELFIX and Warranties 
New vehicle warranties do not cover failures due to the use of sub-standerd fuel. The warranty is fully applicable when fuels are used which conform to the specifications of SABS 342 and EN590. Dieselfix in it's pure form, complies with all of the specifications of SABS 342 and EN590.
In most respects Dieselfix is superior to petroleum-based Diesel fuel, however, used on its own it is not financially viable but when used as an additive, Dieselfix will eliminate the process whereby untreated Diesel fuels deteriorate rapidly with age. Dieselfix will clean and lubricate the entire fuel injection system, dissolving resin build-up in Diesel pumps and injectors, provided that the pump and the injectors are serviced and calibrated to specification.

Dieselfix will optimize fuel efficiency by creating a cleaner internal combustion process and eradicate the need for ‘pre-periodic servicing’ of the fuel system components due to the detriment of water presence in Diesel fuels.

DIESELFIX Provides the Following Benefits

Dieselfix in it's pure form, complies with all of the specifications of SABS 342 and EN590.
Dieselfix Passes and exceeds the Cummins L-10 and N14 diesel fuel engine tests.

·       Dieselfix reduces injector nozzle 'coking' and helps maintain correct spray patterns.
·       Helps the fuel burn more efficiently which in turn produces better fuel economy.
·       Provides corrosion protection within the fuel tank, lines, pumps and injectors.
·       Reduces periodic maintenance of injector systems and extends the engine life.
·       Provides fuel stability and protects against gum, varnish and sludge build-up.
·       Complies with European emission control requirements.
·       Provides lubricity to the Diesel fuel and reduces friction.
·       Minimizes metal-to-metal contact and injector wear.
·       Reduces engine emissions and black smoke.

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See how you can save on costly engine repairs and down time... Watch the DIESELFIX video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNjyJ5qd5eg

Watch the Water Contamination Test DIESELFIX video on YouTube https://you.be/CHN5YRhGwg


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