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Road Accident Fund | Road Accident Injury Claim

A motorist and/or his passengers including any pedestrians who have been involved in a ‘motor vehicle accident’ (MVA), whereby the driver or the occupants of the vehicle and any third parties who have sustained injuries due to negligence or for any other valid reason, have the right to claim for compensation with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) of South Africa within 3 years of the accident by lodging a 'Road Accident Injury Claim'.

Most people don’t know this and do not know how to go about claiming for their injuries. You as a motorist have every right to claim for injuries when involved in a motor vehicle accident where severe whiplash, which is a common injury to the neck, commonly sustained by motorists who are lucky enough to walk away from the accident scene with neck pain and concussion.

This type of injury may not seem traumatic at the time due to the shock and impact of the incident on a person and the victim often shrugs off the pain and stiffness experienced by taking sedatives and/or muscle relaxants such as Myprodol or Cataflam for a few days thereafter. The question is, are they doing themselves more damage than good by not consulting with a doctor and having the area of pain checked out ?

Most 'injuries' often go untreated for a number of reasons and above all, the lack of medical aid cover is problematic in many instances, therefore ‘knowledge is key’ in this arena. Anyone who is involved in a MVA has the right to claim for severe whiplash or any other severe injuries sustained as a result and this includes passengers and third parties. Provisions are also made by the (RAF) for and whereby a family 'breadwinner' has passed away as a result of a MVA, enabling the next of kin to lodge such a claim.

The South African Government makes provision for legitimate road accident claims that are filed through a specialist law firm or attorney. For every litre of petrol sold at petrol stations, a certain percentage is allocated to the RAF for such claims. It is the right of every motorist to have access to the RAF organizations funding when a severe injury is sustained in order for them to get the professional medical treatment that they deserve in order to verify the extent and nature of any such injury.

The RAF is bound to legal and medical practices and therefore any valid claim a motorist, passenger or pedestrian may have would need to be filed appropriately. Claims usually take between twelve to eighteen months to be finalized and are subject to RAF practices and litigation.

Should you be a RAF candidate who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, that meets the above criteria and you have reported the accident to the South African Police and you have a case number there should be NO reason why you cannot claim for the injuries that you have sustained and get 'paid out' for pain and suffering and/or loss of mobility in any way whatsoever.

A Claim expires after 3 years if not lodged and 2 years if it was a hit and run case. If the claimant is a minor, under the age of 18, the claim will expire 3 years after his/her 18th birthday.

If another attorney was appointed and has lodged a claim we still have a good chance to do a claim for you.

Don’t waste any more time ! CLICK HERE road-accident-fund-injury-claim-form and complete the claim form and you will be contacted back within 48 hours by the most prominent Attorney's in RAF law who will immediately start your claim process and fight for your compensation.

N.B. No upfront payment is required. There are NO hidden costs whatsoever. Your claim will be filed immediately.


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