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EPS also known as Electrically assisted power steering is the latest technology on modern day cars. Replacing the old way of Hydraulic Assist or Hydraulic Power Steering also known as HPS which has been around for more than half a century EPS has a computer controlled electric motor. 
Steering is very important as it’s the main communication between car and driver. 
Either way if you ever feel your car is not responding correctly to your steering you need to have it looked at immediately. With Hydraulic Steering it will usually be leaking or the pipes have to be replaced which will causes the problem. 
Most of the newer cars today use electric power steering.


In a Hydraulic Power Steering the steering gear has two chambers and a sealed piston attached to the steering rack. The hydraulic fluid is pressurized to one side of the piston and returning fluid to the other side to a power steering fluid bottle. There is a valve that controls the hydraulic flow and is located by the pinion shaft controls. This pumps drains energy from the engine whether you turn the wheel or not. 


With a Electric Power Steering Assist there is an electric motor attached to the side of the steering rack. Attached to the pinion shaft there is a torque sensor that sends a signal to the control computer as to when provide assistance. EPS only uses energy from the engine when you turn the wheel. 
There is no doubt that Electric Power Steering is better for fuel savings as there is no pump or piston but rather a small electric motor that increases the commands of the drivers steering decisions. EPS uses 90 percent less energy than a Hydraulic power steering system. And because the ESP does not use fluid, it's definitely less maintenance as the motor & chip used to control the EPS will definitely last longer.   


DAP (Direct Adaptive Steering)
Latest technology is Drive-by-wire steering systems. This happens when the mechanical linkage between the steering wheel and the car's front wheels are removed. Its computer controlled and with the help of actuators which are situated by the front wheels or the steering rack and it will gauge the turn velocity and send the right instructions much quicker than any mechanical system can.  

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