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Scrap Cars for Sale

"Scrap Cars for Sale" with LOOKING 4 SPARES is your one-call-centre where you can sell your unwanted scrap car that you have for sale or find motor spares. If your car, bakkie, truck or motorcycle has accident damage or has sustained an engine, gearbox or electrical problem and the vehicle repair costs are more than what you realised they would be and the vehicle is now classed as ‘uneconomical to repair’ then we can help you.

If you want to sell your car for scrap in a hurry, in order to get rid of that unwanted vehicle, which is standing idle, depreciating in value, making your driveway look scrappy 'day by day', then contact the LOOKING 4 SPARES ‘one-call-used-car-centre’ on 0861-777722 for a fast and efficient cash sale. We have over 200 motor scrap yards and used car dealers who will gladly make you an offer on any unwanted scrap cars for sale.

LOOKING 4 SPARES (L4S), was established to serve the average man on the street, including the motor industry as a whole, which is an invaluable service that not only locates ‘new and used spares’ for people looking for motor spares, but is also a leader in the buying and selling of ‘Scrap Cars Wanted for Cash’ and ‘Scrap Cars for Sale’ to the motor industry and private sectors.

We offer the above services to you, the valued client, in that we have made available these services to help you FIND | BUY | SELL | ADVERTISE your Scrap Cars for Sale absolutely for free.

If you fall into this category and have a motor vehicle that has been written off or that is far too expensive to have your car professionally mechanically repaired or straightened out by a competent panel beater and put back into it’s original condition, then contact the LOOKING 4 SPARES one-call-scrap-car-centre on 0861-777722. We will immediately send out your details including the vehicle status, together with 4x quality photographs that you supply us with that must include pictures of the front view, left and right sides and rear view pictures of your car. These pic’s can easily be taken with a cell phone camera and emailed or sms to www.looking4spares.co.za

Our car dealers are waiting to view your photographs together with a realistic price attached, in ‘real time’ on our LOOKING 4 SPARES ‘Scrap Cars for Sale’ website http://www.looking4spares.co.za/sell-my-car-for-scrap

Remember, whoever is interested in your scrap motor vehicle for sale will contact you back directly with an agreeable counter cash offer and will pay you in cash or other method of payment you insist on once they have physically viewed the vehicle on the spot, together with an immediate tow-away, towing recovery service. This saves you time and money and is a ‘hassle free service’ with no hidden costs whatsoever.

You negotiate with car dealers and vehicle dismantlers directly. There is no middleman or broker involved in any sale or purchase of cars wanted for stripping, resale purposes or as a rebuild purchase or sale.

LOOKING 4 SPARES - It’s a free 'Cars for Sale' service and always will be !

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