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Buying Used Motor Spares from an Auto or Commercial Scrapyard

National Call Centre for Auto & Commercial Scrap Yards 0861-777722

Are you looking for spares parts and accessories for your motor vehicle? LOOKING 4 SPARES has your parts and will direct you to exactly where they are, but first you must complete the parts request form on the home page with as much detail as possible. Engine and VIN numbers are important as are transmission codes if you are looking for an auto gearbox and any other electronic component you are trying to source. Your parts request is dealt with in a professional manner. If you don’t find what you are looking for or you don’t get enough feedback, try again by contacting Looking 4 Spares and we will send your request out again until you find bwhat you are looking for.

Contact LOOKING 4 SPARES your ‘One-Call-Centre’ for free advice and parts related services on 0861-777722 to log your car, truck or motorcycle parts request. All parts requests received are sent to over 200 scrap yards and parts suppliers nationwide, together with your name and number and email address if you prefer. Whoever has the parts available will contact you back with a quote. Deal directly with parts suppliers nationwide. No middleman or broker involved in any sale or purchase.

Making use of this FREE service has proven that with little effort comes much advantage over finding what you are looking for when it comes to that elusive part which can be very annoying when you can’t find it.

Buying or selling over the internet is risky but can be very rewarding… Be Savvy - Be Vigilant !

Understand and know what you are buying and if you don’t, get someone with a good mechanical understanding you who does! Always ask or send a photograph and serial or part numbers with your request. Don’t just rely on what people tell you. Get as much info and other data on the subject, which could save you much valuable time and effort in the long run.

Contact LOOKING 4 SPARES today… Ask us about our “Safe Trade Account” payment protection facility http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account when buying spares from an unknown supplier or when buying spares at a distance and you cannot view the parts.

LOOKING 4 SPARES is a free nationwide parts service and always will be !

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