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    Sell my CAR for SCRAP

    If you would like to sell a vehicle that is a Non Runner or has Accident Damage please complete this form below and we will submit your request to all our participating Scrap yards. The suppliers will contact you directly should they be interested in purchasing your vehicle. Thank you !

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I Want To... "Sell my Car for Scrap" or "Sell my Motorcycle for Scrap"

If you want to sell your motor car for scrap, you can also sell your bike or truck for scrap and get instant cash on the spot and the vehicle removed at the same time. Complete our form above and please send us a quality photograph of your motorcar, motorcycle or truck from any computer or MMS or Whatsap to our Mobi Friendly website. Include a brief accurate description of the vehicles current status and full details of the 'vehicle for sale' or 'vehicle wanted'.

Here are a few tips on what you should include in your description:

DESCRIPTION: Make, model, year of registration. Do you have the registration papers? Kilometers on the clock/odometer. Engine capacity. Petrol or diesel engine. Automatic transmission or Manual gearbox. 2x4 or 4x4. Single cab or Double cab. Does the vehicle have any accident damage and if so where is it damaged? Condition of the interior? Condition of bike fairing and petrol tank? Condition of engine and gearbox? Does the vehicle have other mechanical or electrical problems and if so what are the symptoms?  Is the car financed by a bank or other institution? How much do you want for the motor vehicle? What is the lowest cash price you will accept?

Remember, to make a realistic and reasonable price for your motor vehicle that leaves room for negotiation because the vehicle dismantlers, motor scrap yards and used car dealers need to make a profit as this is a time consuming process and the parts can take time to sell !

We will send your scrap motor car, motorcycle or truck that you have 'For Sale' with the information as supplied by you above, which goes out to all our participating motor vehicle scrapyards and parts suppliers in your area and nationwide. If you don't get an offer immediately try again and one of our scrap yards, car dealers or spares suppliers will in a day or two. Create an interest for your motor vehicle with 'Looking 4 Spares' | 'Looking 4 Cars' and someone will contact you back and make you an offer and get cash in your hands.

We offer 'Cash-on-the-Spot' which includes free Towing and Recovery Service with Guaranteed results and No Hassles.

Remember the more accurate the information that you supply us with about your motor vehicle or the motor parts that you require, the more accurate the response will be from the scrap yards, motor spares suppliers and scrap car dealers.

LOOKING 4 SPARES | LOOKING 4 CARS encourages you to make use of our "Safe Trade Account" a payment protection facility, that protects both 'the buyer' and 'the supplier' of the vehicle for sale or motor spares that you are selling or purchasing. Visit http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account-3 and read up about our 'Terms and Conditions' of our 'Safe Trade Account' an IT system designed to 'help protect you' when buying or selling a motor car, motorbike or motor parts from an unknown or unfamiliar parts supplier at a distance.

VIN, engine and gearbox numbers and codes are vitally important and can be found on the licence disc on your vehicle windscreen.

Beware... Be Safe... Be Savvy... Be Alert when 'buying or selling' your bike, bakkie or car and/or motor spares – DO NOT hand over the vehicles keys or registration papers to anyone without getting the cash in your hand and always make 'the buyer' come to you and take a friend. Remember to ask for photographs and a physical address of the person 'buying' or 'selling' the goods.