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LOOKING 4 SPARES is a FREE parts locator service that has been established after many years of phoning around for auto parts and accessories when trying to locate spares. We have simplified the process for you, and removed the frustration of phoning scrap yard after scrapyard, not getting the results you want. We have built a network of leading scrap yards and parts suppliers throughout South Africa that links you straight to them via the internet. You can call us on our National Help Line  0861 7777 22  We are your best chance to finding those elusive motor parts on your very 1st CALL.

cars-crashingIf you are looking for spares for your car, bakkie, truck, ldv or 4X4 vehicle, at the best prices available then the LOOKING 4 SPARES parts locator service will  link  you to our  countrywide network of leading scrap yards and spares suppliers to help you find the precise parts that you are looking for through our system where you deal directly with suppliers that contact you back.

Find Parts Fast
Simply fill in the Parts Request Form on the HOME page and you will be contacted by  scrapyards or motor spares dealers who have the spare parts that you are looking for.

Same Day Service
LOOKING4SPARES is a free service sponsored by the Scrapyard Association and is provided for anyone looking for auto and commercial spares and accessories. We link you to parts suppliers nationwide. Your requests are sent to all leading scrap yards and motor parts suppliers around the country. Once your parts request has been logged, you will start receiving calls from various automotive scrapyards and parts suppliers.

N.B  Should you not be contacted back by one of our approved suppliers, please send us another parts request or contact our Help Line on  0861 77 77 22  and we will continue to send out your parts request out untill you receive a positive response.

Supply Accurate Information
The more information you supply to us about your vehicle and the parts you are looking for, the more accurate the response will be from parts suppliers and scrapyards. Accurate information is the key to success in this arena.

IMPORTANT Information such as engine numbers, gearbox and diff codes are essential clues for scrapyards and motor parts suppliers to cross reference when you are looking for spares. The Engine and VIN (vehicle identification number) can both be found on the licence disc on the vehicles windscreen.  Vehicle markings, trim type and various definitive styles of the vehicle are always helpfull to the scrapyards or parts suppliers when looking for spares. Scrapyard dealers usually know what parts are suited to other various makes and models. Many auto scrap yards nowadays specialise in only a few types of vehicle makes and have a good stock range of used auto parts. However, your chances are increased ten fold by using the LOOKING 4 SPARES network of auto and commercial spare parts suppliers that will connect you to all our participating scrap yards and motor spares suppliers nationwide... No more phoning around wasting time...

LOOKING 4 SPARES Its a FREE service and Always will be !